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Historically, mankind has harnessed biomass-derived heat/energy since the controlled use of fire. Until the discovery of fossil fuels, which are still playing a dominant role today.

There is a common understanding that the use of fossil fuels is finite, perhaps not in our lifetime but undoubtedly for later generations. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is therefore a key priority and demonstrates good stewardship.

The sustainable bio-based economy will become a reality and optimizing the use of biomass in the heat/energy and chemical feedstock value chains will be one of the crucial factors in realizing this.

Yilkins’s contribution is to broaden the access to biomass feedstock (forest residues, agricultural residues and processing wastes), enabled by technologies that support the “cascading-in-value” processes, ensuring value maximization.

Yilkins enables the conversion from various biomass residue streams into chemical feedstock and heat/energy as end-use products by applying state of the art knowledge and experience, to design, build and operate the most optimal scale gasification and combustion production units.

Yilkins is motivated from a natural perspective, that’s what the ‘Y’ stands for, a branch. Focus is the circular economy, reflected by the ‘Yil’, the duration of a revolution of the earth around the sun.  

The company works with an open innovation model, together with other organizations that embrace the good stewardship of nature. That’s what a ‘Kin’ stands for, a clan, people and organizations working together with an open, innovative approach.

The organization has its origin in the olive culture, where solutions have to be found (driven by stricter legal requirements) for the upgrading of olive pulp and olive pruning waste.


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Why biomass heat?

six reasons to replace natural gas by local biomass heat

1Regional accessibility and security of provision

2CO2 neutrality

3Short transport distances, and low transport risks

4Simply processing based on best available technologies

5Low level of pollution, especially with new technology of combustion

6Enhance local economic development



Yilkins is a technology company in the first place, building on its own proprietary knowledge in the field of efficient combustion technologies enabling the optimal use of biomass residues. This process starts with identifying and capturing heat projects in collaboration with municipalities and/or waste companies, where we offer a solution for the complete biomass to heat value chain. Mostly the local biomass residues will be provided by our partners, the biomass preparation technologies will be chosen based on the best available technology principle. Read more…

Value Chain Approach

Value Chain Approach

Think, make and do are at the core of the Yilkins approach, in which our objective is to achieve a substantial contribution in optimizing the processes based on heat and syngas production from biomass. The Yilkins way is characterized by a strong “theory-practice-co-creation” approach, which is shaped in a ‘local for local’ economy. The Yilkins team consists of people with a lot of experience of biomass value chains, chemical and technological knowledge, who feel at home in innovative processes and new markets whereby energy transition can actually be realized. Read more…



Several heat/energy combustion projects are being developed that are open for co-investing. These projects include:thermal combustion units based on biomass pellets as feedstock & value chain projects starting from biomass to the production of heat. Read more…

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