Yilkins Technology


Development and Manufacturing of Biomass Solutions

Yilkins is an innovative developer and producer of modular and fully integrated equipment for biomass upgrading processes. Our objective is to unlock the potential of biomass and organic residues to enable our customers to produce energy and high value added products. Yilkins has paved the path to commercialize torrefaction technology with its proven and commercial business concept. We continue to optimize and renew our technology. As a result, we contribute to reducing the dependence on fossil energy sources and help to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities and become even more sustainable and efficient.

Yilkins technology creates circularity and sustainability

Yilkins’ solutions upgrade biomass and organic residues to produce bio-fuels and other high-value products. Valorisation and cascading of biomass residues is our leading principle. Based upon our proprietary technology, we have brought drying and torrefaction processes to the next level, creating secure, more sustainable 24/7 working installations. Our technology platform is multifunctional and offers solutions in the field of drying, torrefaction, gasification, biochar and separation of residue streams. We enable integral and flexible concepts to bring the best customized solution to every customer.

Our Approach

From Bio Residues to Bio Fuel

Creating profitable circularity and integrated high-value solutions.

Yilkins biomass production modules

Yilkins develops and supplies biomass conversion modules to create high-quality biomass fuels. From conversion modules for drying and torrefaction, in- or excluding pelletization, as well as for large scale complete integrated solutions.

Torrefaction Technology

Bio Coal/ Torrefied Pellets

Torrefaction: New generation of biomass energy

Torrefaction is the technology of producing biomass fuels in a sustainable way. Torrefied or black pellets have a much cleaner combustion resulting in a higher efficiency compared to using regular wood pellets. And a big advantage is that torrefied pellets can be made from a wider and more varied range of biomass feedstock such as grasses and agricultural waste and residues.

Investing in Biomass Solutions

Yilkins’ solutions always contribute to higher sustainability and better return on investment enabling both small and large scale drying and torrefaction projects. We create solutions and apply those techniques and processes needed to achieve the best results for your biomass conversion strategies.
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New Energy Risk Backs Yilkins' Low-Carbon Fuel Production Projects with Tailored Insurance Solution

Insurance solution provides a warranty backstop for Yilkins’ novel biomass drying and torrefaction technology

Working in an enthusiastic and engaged team on sustainable solutions

Since its founding, Yilkins has gone through all stages of development: from an initial prototype to commercial installations. Now, we are rolling out our technology globally. For this expansion, we are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team.

“Yilkins. Enabling solutions with sustainable technology”

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