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We build long-term partnerships with best-in-class solution innovators.

The Heineken Circle Project.

The Circle project aims to improve the sustainability of Heineken breweries. The collaboration was launched in Mons-en-Barœul, France, and focused on the valorization of spent beer grain: a by-product of brewing. Every year, this process converts approximately 55,000 to 60,000 tons of spent grain into valuable products.

Yilkins provides a drying module for the fibrous residues, using proprietary technology that improves energy efficiency by 50% compared to traditional methods. This technology helps Heineken move towards its carbon neutral targets, optimizes operational costs and improves the overall business case of the project. The Circle Project, which reflects Heineken’s CSR initiative ‘Brew a Better World’, plans to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions and replicate this model in other European breweries by 2027.

Torrefaction Plant Yamaguchi.

Yilkins is working with Tokuyama Corporation to improve the sustainability of energy production by installing an advanced torrefaction plant at the Tokuyama plant in Yamaguchi, Japan. It represents a shift from fossil coal to torrefied agricultural residues, using Yilkins’ advanced biomass drying and torrefaction technology, which aligns with Tokuyama’s renewable energy and carbon neutrality goals. Tokuyama, a diversified Japanese chemical manufacturing giant, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and aims for carbon neutrality by 2050.

The plant will use Yilkins’ innovative technology to convert organic residues into standardized solid biofuel, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. This initiative not only supports Tokuyama’s environmental commitments, but also promotes the use of black pellets as a sustainable energy source. The collaboration underlines both companies’ commitment to combating global warming.

"We value Yilkins' innovative technology playing a key role in reaching our net-zero targets"

Reliance Industries.

Yilkins has won a major contract with Reliance Industries, a leading Global Fortune 500 company, to supply a torrefaction plant in Jamnagar, India. The contract is backed by extensive financial guarantees, including a standalone guarantee and a counter-guarantee under the Fair Calling Facility, provided by Rabobank and supported by Atradius Dutch State Business.

These measures will ensure financial security for both the down payment and maintenance phases of the project on Indian soil. This collaboration not only demonstrates the commercial viability of Yilkins’ technology, but also fuels the company’s global expansion ambitions. The partnership with Reliance Industries reaffirms Yilkins’ commitment to delivering superior value and service to its customers, further cementing its role in promoting sustainable industrial practices worldwide.

New Energy Risk.

Yilkins is proud to partner with New Energy Risk (NER), a specialized division of Paragon, offering tailored insurance technology solutions for energy transition projects. This collaboration includes a performance warranty backstop insurance program supporting our low-carbon fuel production using innovative biomass drying and torrefaction technology. This strategic partnership allows us to confidently expand globally and serve major international companies, minimizing the need for extensive capitalization.

“Yilkins’ trust in our support to grow their business and enhance technology adoption is highly valued,” said Tom Dickson, CEO of New Energy Risk. NER continues to support cleaner utilization pathways for managing non-traditional waste streams, advancing sustainable practices in the industry.

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