Yilkins Applications

Yilkins Applications

New Insights to Use the Power of Nature Wisely

We don’t sit back at Yilkins. In order to continue to innovate and optimize all our technical processes, we take a critical look at assumptions and approaches and listen carefully to the needs of our customers. In this way, our concepts and solutions become even more sustainable and efficient. By continuously testing and researching our ideas, we ensure that we continue to lead the way with more knowledge, experience and new insights to use the power of nature wisely. Read our case stories on how we have used our expertise for the benefit of our customers.

Case stories


What the final product of our plants looks like, depends upon the exact requirements from our customers. At Yilkins we evaluate their problems, challenges, goals and needs. The result is an environmentally friendly and customer-oriented solution which creates sustainable value for our customers.

Energy Power Plants

Striving for fossil-free generation of electricity and at the same time reducing CO2 footprints can be achieved by co-firing with biomass or switch to it entirely. By first torrefying the biomass and residues a higher calorific value is achieved and reduced overall emissions. The higher caloric value and hydrophobicity enable a significant reduction in transportation and storage costs.

Pellet Suppliers

Improving your existing process using Yilkins’ modular drying and torrefying equipment, means an immediate increase in efficiency. The result is a reduction of operational costs up to 50% compared to conventional systems. The deployment of the high-quality product leads to lower emissions.

Chemicals & Materials

Yilkins integrated and balanced torrefaction solution is ideal to create high quality products as raw material for a sustainable and circular route toward biobased materials and biochemicals. Biocoal can be used as a feedstock to produce green syngas and hydrogen or used to make (active) biochar for application as soil improvement.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industries are in a transition of converting their fossil feedstock – mainly coal – towards renewables. Dried or torrefied renewable product will play an important role in this transition within the manufacturing industry towards sustainable feedstock. Applications for torrefied product are being developed in the steel industry as replacement of fossil coal, while within the asphalt industry dried paper sludge can be used instead of virgin material as filler. The cement industry uses all kind of fossil fuels and torrefied RDF material could be used to replace coal.

New Bio Energy for your Organisation

Do you want to know more on how our bio-energy plants can help your organisation producing energy from renewable bio-residues while reducing costs?  Just contact our team of experts to help you with your questions.