Improve agricultural productivity with Biochar and activated carbon.

Yilkins contributes to sustainable agriculture through carbon sequestration technologies that improve soil fertility and increase crop yields.

The most important advantages.

Improve soil fertility and structure: higher crop yields, reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Meet stricter environmental regulations with our products that help effectively remove pollutants and capture carbon.

Sustainable agricultural practices improve the long-term viability and value of land.

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From healthier soil to sustainable ecosystem management.

Our biochar and activated carbon products improve soil quality, optimize water and air purification, and support strict environmental compliance, such as PFAS regulations. These innovations promote sustainable ecosystem management, essential for the future of the agricultural sector.

Discover the power of bio fertilizer.

Join us for a tour of our facilities and witness firsthand how our biochar and activated carbon products improve soil fertility and structure, leading to higher crop yields and reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Where our technologies are already running successfully.

Heineken has launched a groundbreaking initiative to improve the sustainability of its breweries with the Circle Project. This project, which is part of Heineken’s broader CSR roadmap ‘Brew a Better…
In the collaboration between Yilkins and Tokuyama Corporation, an agreement has been signed for the installation of a torrefaction plant in Yamaguchi, Japan. This plant will convert agricultural residues into…

Decarbonizing agricultural industries.

Would you like to know more about the industries we work for and how we make business and production processes more sustainable? Discover more about the agricultural industry.

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