Biobased panels are the building material of the future.

Yilkins is shaping the future of construction with natural fibers as primary building materials.

The most important advantages.

Build with materials that actively reduce CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.

Use natural fibers from sustainable sources, ensure a sustainable supply and support forest management.

Lead the shift in the construction industry with innovative, bio-based building materials that provide many environmental benefits.

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Why choose biobased building?

Responsible for only a fraction of CO₂ emissions compared to traditional building materials such as cement and steel, natural fibers not only support sustainable building practices but also actively combat climate change by absorbing CO₂. As the world’s population grows, adopting biobased building is more important than ever to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry.

Experience the future of construction.

Join us for a tour of our facilities and see how we are shaping the future of construction with natural fibers as primary building materials. Shift with your building company towards more sustainable and durable construction practices.

Where our technologies are already running successfully.

Heineken has launched a groundbreaking initiative to improve the sustainability of its breweries with the Circle Project. This project, which is part of Heineken’s broader CSR roadmap ‘Brew a Better…
In the collaboration between Yilkins and Tokuyama Corporation, an agreement has been signed for the installation of a torrefaction plant in Yamaguchi, Japan. This plant will convert agricultural residues into…

Decarbonizing construction industries.

Would you like to know more about the industries we work for and how we make business and production processes more sustainable? Discover more about the construction industry.

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