Yilkins and Reliance: cooperation for sustainable energy in Jamnagar, India.

Reliance is a renowned member of the Global Fortune 500 companies. The partnership with Yilkins includes the construction of an advanced torrefaction plant in Jamnagar, India.
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About Reliance and the project objectives.

Reliance Industries Limited is one of the largest conglomerates in India and a prominent member of the Global Fortune 500. The company operates in diverse industries including petrochemicals, refining, oil and gas, telecommunications, and retail. Reliance is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, which makes this partnership with Yilkins particularly meaningful.

The project in Jamnagar aims to replace fossil fuels with torrefied biomass, an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. The installation of the torrefaction plant will help Reliance achieve its ambitious sustainability goals and contribute to global efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Yilkins' proprietary torrefaction technology.

Yilkins will supply and install an advanced torrefaction plant, which uses patented technology to cost-effectively convert organic waste streams into standardized fuel products. This technology offers several advantages:

Lower costs and energy consumption.

Lower capital costs and significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional methods.

Contributing to
net zero targets.

A favorable carbon index for new biomass-based processes, contributing to customers’ net zero targets.

Stand-alone warranty coverage.

Stand-alone warranty coverage and a counter-guarantee under the Fair Calling Facility, supported by Rabobank and Atradius Dutch State Business.

Financial guarantees.

An important aspect of this project is the financial guarantee by Rabobank, with the support of the counter-guarantees from Atradius Dutch State Business. These guarantees include both the down payment and performance guarantee for the project in India. This strengthens the commercial viability of Yilkins’ innovative technology and provides additional certainty for all parties involved.

Strategic partnership.

This strategic partnership with Reliance goes beyond an ordinary transaction. It is a testament to Yilkins’ commitment to delivering excellence and reliability in its technology solutions. The partnership with Atradius underlines Yilkins’ strong commercial base and accelerates its mission to expand globally. Through this agreement, Yilkins reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled value and service to its customers.

Inspired by
this project?

Inspired by our collaboration with Reliance? Discover how Yilkins technologies can help your company implement sustainable energy solutions.

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