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Using the Power of Nature

To improve the sustainability of the earth, we need to become less dependent on fossil fuels. The fossil energy sources in our modern world are slowly becoming exhausted. Biomass is the future. And this inspires us at Yilkins. We believe that smart technology can use the power of nature wisely. That is why we design and build innovative, high-quality installations that create sustainable products. The use of our unique solutions reduces dependence on fossil energy sources and helps to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Yilkins enables and contributes to sustainable development. Our technology enables the use of residues to high value applications, transition to replace fossil fuels and thus to fight climate change.

Technology and Equipment

Yilkins has proven technology and was the first company to really control the torrefaction process and prepare it for market roll-out.
Our business model is based on licensing our technology enabling fast global roll-out, turning residues into valuable products, combining sustainable development with good returns.

Local & Global

Sustainability on global scale depends on sustainability on local scale. If every community implements strategies to convert local renewable resources into sustainable solutions, for its own technical and economic needs, it will not only improve immediately its industrial and commercial development, but it will also contribute to restore the global environmental balance.

Green raw materials through circularity

The Yilkins technology and Yilkins business philosophy are fully inspired by the “local for local” approach and are designed to help entrepreneurs, public institutions and local authorities to create a positive impact on their own communities. Our solutions and integrated plants create circularity in which biomass and organic materials can be upgraded into sustainable products like biofuels, energy, heat, cooling or bio-based chemical feedstocks.


Small scale turns massive

Yilkins has developed solutions and integrated plants that are very suitable for small-scale projects. This concept was born because we want to bring the technology to the source instead of having the source arranging intensive transportation to the location of the technology.

All our equipment is designed in such way that it operates with low energy consumption, low operational costs, prevention of waste streams and a minimum requirement on external utilities. Yilkins plants are built semi-transportable which also opens new ways of financing projects.

It is Yilkins’ belief, in line with this concept, that “small-scale turns massive”. For Yilkins, sustainability is a commitment that involves all aspects of our life as a company and inspires the multilevel display of our innovative approaches: technical, economic, social and environmental.

Proprietary knowledge

Proprietary knowledge

From its incorporation in 2015, Yilkins has turned its ideas into trade secrets and has built its intellectual property position. This to enable and protect its position as a leading technology company in biomass conversion technologies. Yilkins has a global vision based on local alliances and cooperations. Yilkins believes in an open innovation approach to build biomass value chains together and replace fossil fuels. 

Yilkins Management

Rob Voncken


Rob Voncken has served as executive director in the chemicals and materials industries (innovation and application) and is an entrepreneur in the bio-based business landscape. His skill-set is defined by his international experience as executive in the (bio) chemical industry. And further shaped with hands-on leadership positions in several leading innovative technology companies in the bio-based economy. He feels a great sense of responsibility to make a contribution to a sustainable environment for future generations. For him, working the Yilkins way, in an inspiring, human scale business environment with stakeholders who share his drive to build a true circular economy, is the way to turn challenges and risks into benefits.

Patrick Bergman


​Patrick has earned his stripes as a consultant in the design and optimization of biomass and thermal conversion processes with his “Think and Do” mentality. He is an authority in the field of torrefaction and gasification. Patrick brings to Yilkins 15 years’ experience in the development and operation of biomass conversion and waste treatment technologies. He represents the “Think and Do” approach in applying biomass upgrading and cascading technologies: torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification and combustion, distinguishing him from the mainstream. He underwent his learning curve from an early ECN start: reigniting and driving torrefaction research, through his consultancy period: conceptualizing and optimizing the biomass cascading processes and lately at a biomass conversion company: redesigning and demonstrating with his R&D team the operations of a 8kt/hr torrefaction process plant. Based on his educational background combined with his hands-on practical approach, he is considered one of the top authorities in the field.

Awards & Certifications

Winner of Power-Gen Dragons Den Competition

During the Power-Gen Renewable Energy World Europe Conference 27-29 June, 2017 in Cologne, Germany, Yilkins received the Energy Innovations Award by Leon Pulles, Advisory Board Member of the Power-Gen Europe.

The proposition of Yilkins really has the potential to provide a huge contribution to the climate challenges that we face. Their highly efficient and competitive drying technology opens up the opportunity to make biomass residue streams available for energy and product applications that were locked until now. Besides, Yilkins has been able to deliver concrete results by their fast development track, from idea to commercial demonstration, in only 2 years’ time. This way, Yilkins is delivering real contribution to CO2 reduction on the short term.
Leon Pulles:

Advisory Board Member, Power-Gen Europe

New Energy Risk Supports Yilkins’ Low-Carbon Fuel Production Projects with Custom Insurance Solution

Insurance solution provides a warranty backstop for Yilkins’ novel biomass drying and torrefaction technology

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