Waste treatment company in Northern-Holland with low-value waste streams wants to convert these into high-value products in a ‘local to local’ way

This waste treatment company processes organic waste and pruning wood and seeks potential partners to improve the sustainability and the economic value of the upgraded products and final applications.

Client demand

This company wants to improve the upgrading process of the low-value waste streams that they have at their disposal. In that way they can help their clients to start and to consolidate their own transition to more sustainable operations and less energy consumption processes.


With the implementation of the Yilkins Multiflex concept, driven by the proven torrefaction technology, Yilkins pellets can be produced from low-value waste streams. These pellets have a high calorific value and guarantee low emissions values and low dust emissions after combustion.

Advantages of the solution

The ‘local to local’ principle offers huge financial and operational advantages for sustainable business cases. By the upgrading of local waste streams into Yilkins pellets, as sustainable biofuel for energy, heat or cooling production, the investors can significantly contribute to the energy transition in their region and are able to reinforce their business opportunities.

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