The role of torrefaction in the chemical industry.

Torrefaction is an advanced process in which residual biomass flows are heated in an oxygen-free environment. This process leads to chemical changes without combustion, transforming the biomass into a valuable raw material for the chemical industry.

Benefits of torrefied biomass.

Torrefied biomass has lower moisture content, higher density and increased calorific value.

These properties not only make the material more energy-rich, but also easier to process.

It can be efficiently ground and then be used as input for further chemical processes.

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Production of chemical products.

By gasifying the torrefied material into syngas, a basis is created for the production of chemical products. This includes plastics, chemical derivatives and fuels traditionally made from natural gas. Torrefaction therefore offers a renewable alternative to fossil fuels in chemical production.

Recovery of valuable components.

Volatile substances are released during the torrefaction process. These are used in an integrated system to power the process and promote energy efficiency. Interestingly, depending on the biomass used, these volatiles contain specific chemical components, such as flavors and fragrances. Valuable chemicals are recovered by condensation of the volatile substances.

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Where our technologies are already running successfully.

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