Together towards a low-carbon steel industry.

Steel is a fundamental part of all major industries. It is also one of the largest sources of CO₂ emissions, responsible for approximately 10% of global emissions. Given the long lifespan of steel production equipment and the high costs of replacement and energy usage, steel production is difficult to make sustainable.

Reduction of emissions in the steel value chain.

Steel production, mainly through blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces, contributes to 95% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in this sector.

Many steel companies are already taking initiatives to reduce their direct and indirect (scope 1 and 2) emissions.

They do this by implementing energy efficient technologies, electrifying processes, and using carbon-free alternatives.

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"Top 20 steel producers' decarbonization could cut industry emissions by 37%"

A look at the future.

To meet the challenges in steel decarbonization, it is necessary to transform both raw materials and production processes. This could lead to a geographical separation of iron and steel production, with iron production facilities moving to locations with access to cheap green hydrogen. Investments in these transformations require guarantees, such as the availability of low-carbon iron ore and the demand for low-carbon steel.

Experience the green steel transformation.

Join us for a tour of our facilities and see how our advanced technologies are helping to transform the steel industry. Discover how we enable steel companies to adopt energy-efficient practices and more.

Where our technologies are already running successfully.

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We develop high-quality products especially for the steel industry to make business and production processes as sustainable and circular as possible.

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