Using the power of nature

In order to improve the sustainability of the earth, we have to become less dependent on fossil fuels. The fossil energy resources in our modern world are slowly being exhausted. Biomass is the future. And this inspires us at Yilkins. We believe that we can wisely use the power of nature through smart technology. That is why we design and build innovative, high-quality installations that create sustainable products. The use of our unique installations reduces dependence on fossil energy resources and helps reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Sustainable feedstock in business

Yilkins` ambition is to develop and implement an integral and flexible menu of sustainable solutions that can add value to our customers. Our main objective is to unlock the potential of biomass and organic materials to produce energy and high value products. We want to create a technological platform for different and complementary upgrading processes: drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis and gasification. This should provide our customers with the option to use primary organic feedstocks and biomass residues for biofuels, energy, heat, cooling and bio-based chemical products.

Yilkins’ ambition is to implement technologies in the right scale, while using a “local for local” spirit; this guarantees that the creation of the ends products and logistic solutions can be customized to the concrete demands and possibilities of the market and the costumer. These are the principles for a business model that enables real sustainability and that can be replicated, practically, in every community all over the world.

A circular economy for the future

As an enabling company, Yilkins has the mission to provide the most sustainable and cost effective solutions to suit the specific needs of our customers. We want to contribute to the creation of more sustainable societies through technological development and the promotion of economical circularity in relevant segments of the modern industry. Yilkins technology and integrated concepts reflect our work mentality, in which knowledge and experience allow us to customize every device, concept or strategy, in order to release the specific potential of the projects we are working on. Our aim is to develop and implement integrated high-value solutions to upgrade biomass and organic primary materials into sustainable products, better logistics performances and better environmental care.

To be completely achievable, our mission depends essentially on three fundaments: sustainable technical innovation, integrated and customized solutions, sustainable professional relationships.

Does your company or organization have an interest in developing a sustainable value chain? Or do you want to improve the results of your industrial activities? At Yilkins we are ready to take the challenge with you and make our world a more sustainable place for our current and future generations. Contact us for more information.




Yilkins Drying Solutions Plant

  • New Proprietary Design and Manufacturing process
  • Fully customized design solutions: technical, operational and financial
  • Flexible team with a wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Enabler in a creative, open and transparent approach
  • Client oriented
  • Open innovation

We design and build our own biomass and organic residues upgrading solutions. To enable these innovative, technical processes, we develop highly innovative technology. By continuous research and development, we keep increasing our knowledge, experience and insights about sustainable products and applications

Our technology is designed to improve the sustainability of our customers and to reduce the environmental impact of the activities. We customize every sustainable solution, offer the lowest investment and operational costs and we set it up local — there where the biomass-residues are.

We are a flexible team with broad experience and knowledge in the drying and upgrading of biomass-residues into sustainable biofuels and high-value products. Because we look critically to ideas and approaches, our concepts and solutions are more efficient and sustainable. Our flexible and highly experienced team is able to perform a full feasibility study on your residue streams, in order to provide you with the best tailor made solution.

We believe in the Yilkins approach and in an open and transparent communication with our customers to create together the best customized solutions to optimize their industrial activities and business potential. We enable them from the beginning of the processes, until the final uses of the end product, thus through the development of their value chain.

How does the final result of our solutions look like? That is up to our customers. At Yilkins, we evaluate the problems, the challenges, the targets and the needs of every new business case. The result is an environmentally friendly and tailor-made technical and commercial solution to create sustainable projects.

We customized the basic principles of Fluidized Bed technology in an innovative way to offer integral concepts and solutions. We can design, build, set up and maintain your production process on different scales, for different end products and applications.

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