More sustainable operations of a biomass processing company by the integral substitution of coal as fuel by the Yilkins pellets

The client feeds his boilers still with coal to produce the necessary heat to dry grass and lucerne.


Client demand

The local government will strictly forbid the use of coal as fuel and natural gas is not anymore a sustainable option as a substitute. The company seeks a sustainable solution for its heat production which doesn’t imply big changes in its current installations.


The torrified Yilkins pellets offer a high calorific value (20-25 GJ/t caloric value) and they can be used carelessly as feedstock for coal boilers. They can be gradually implemented to reach the integral substitution of the coal as feedstock, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency of the boilers.

Advantages of the solution

By using the Dutch SDE+ subsidy for sustainable technology, the client (with minimal private investment) can make his heat production 100% sustainable without relevant cost increases. That allows him to be competitive operationally and to make this whole production process substantially more sustainable, exactly as the European market is demanding.

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