Yilkins signed contract with Global Fortune 500 company Reliance.

Yilkins is proud and happy to announce the finalization of a contractual engagement with Reliance, an esteemed member of the Global Fortune 500 enterprises, commissioning Yilkins to furnish a torrefaction plant.
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Yilkins has won a major contract with Reliance Industries, a leading Global Fortune 500 company, to supply a torrefaction plant in Jamnagar, India. The contract is backed by extensive financial guarantees, including a standalone guarantee and a counter-guarantee under the Fair Calling Facility, provided by Rabobank and supported by Atradius Dutch State Business.

These measures will ensure financial security for both the down payment and maintenance phases of the project on Indian soil. This collaboration not only demonstrates the commercial viability of Yilkins’ technology, but also fuels the company’s global expansion ambitions. The partnership with Reliance Industries reaffirms Yilkins’ commitment to delivering superior value and service to its customers, further cementing its role in promoting sustainable industrial practices worldwide.

“We are involved in all kinds of programs to go from biomass to bio-kerosene for aviation, to bio-methanol for shipping, to 100% sustainable gasoline for cars and to green hydrogen. So you can completely replace fossil fuels.”

Yilkins Chief Executive Officer, Rob Voncken

This venture is further solidified by the provision of stand-alone guarantee coverage and a counter-guarantee under the Fair Calling Facility. These financial safeguards, encompassing both the down payment and performance guarantee for the project on Indian terrain, are furnished by Rabobank with the backing of Atradius Dutch State Business’s counter guarantees.

For a comprehensive elucidation of this venture, please refer to the published article on the Atradius website.

This strategic partnership is more than a transaction; it is a testament to Yilkins’ commitment to delivering excellence and reliability in its technology solutions. The agreement with Atradius not only underlines the commercial viability of our innovative technology, but also accelerates Yilkins’ mission to expand its horizons globally. By entering into this agreement, we reaffirm our commitment to deliver unparalleled value and service to our valued customers.

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