Yilkins and Tokuyama sign agreement to install torrefaction plant in Yamaguchi, Japan.

Tokuyama Corporation, the Japanese chemical manufacturing company conducting in five segments; chemicals, cement, electronic, life sciencesand environmental products has awarded Yilkins with a contract to supply and install a Yilkins torrefaction plant on the Tokuyama factory in Yamaguchi, Japan.
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Replacement of fossil coal by torrefied agricultural residues based on Yilkins’ novel biomass drying and torrefaction technology, supporting Tokuyama’s renewable energy targets.

Yilkins supplies novel, patented technology and equipment for cost-effectively turning a wide range of organic residue streams such as forestry and agricultural residuals into standardized fuel products. Yilkins is involved in projects for the production of low carbon intensity fuels for a range of applications including industrial heat and power, green hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, and renewable chemicals. Yilkins’ process offers lower capital cost and uses significantly less energy than incumbent solutions. The latter translates into a favorable carbon index for novel biomass-based processes.

Tokuyama made helping to fight global warming one of the Company’s priority issues. As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, reducing CO₂ emissions is an urgent issue for Tokuyama, because thus far we have been operating captive coal-fired power plants. We set a target of reducing GHG emissions by 30% by fiscal 2030 (compared to fiscal 2019) and declared our aim to achieve carbon neutrality in fiscal 2050.

“We value Yilkins’ innovative technology and hope that our work with Yilkins will be an opportunity to popularize black pellets in order to realize a carbon-neutral society.”

Tokuyama Executive officer, Yuji Inoue

Yilkins has spent over five years developing its novel drying and torrefaction technologies. The capability to process any kind of agricultural residues, invasive species and forest management residues turning these into valuable solid biofuel is unique and contributes to the net zero targets and sustainable development goals of its clients.

The plant will be located at Tokuyama factory in Yamaguchi. The torrefied material will be used to produce pellets that will replace fossil coal and be evaluated to produce green electricity for own use.

“We appreciate that Tokuyama has put their trust and confidence in Yilkins’ technology to help develop their business and enhance adoption and implementation of their sustainability targets.”

Yilkins Chief Executive Officer, Rob Voncken

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