Press release: Project Streekpellets

Streekpellets will use innovative and sustainable technology to produce “local for local” wood pellets. This project will produce high-quality pellets using local woody biomass residues as feedstock to provide local customers. This logistic approach prevents intensive transport of feedstocks or end product with positive economic and environmental effects. Two new plants will be built for the pellet production, requiring an investment of about 3,5 million euros. Streekpellets is a joint venture between Yilkins Drying Solutions, Bruins & Kwast and Energiefonds Overijssel.

In the current biomass market, a lot of transportation is still involved; this makes the whole value chain less sustainable. Besides, the wood that is normally used as feedstock comes often from tree branches. Streekpellets makes its pellets, on the contrary, from woody prune residues which are locally collected. Thanks to an innovative technology, the biomass will be cleaned, pre-dried and dried to produce the pellets that can be consumed and commercialized by local costumers. Both plants can produce 1,3 ton pellets per hour. The first plant is placed in Goor, on the site of Bruins & Kwast. The second one will be probably built in Salland.


Yilkins Drying Solutions has developed a special technology to upgrade low value biomasses like woody prune residues. Streekpellets will operate the two plants. Bruins & Kwast is a renowned producer and provider of round wood and woodchips. This company provides the biomass and will distribute the pellets. The total investment for the two plants is about 3,5 million euros. Energiefonds contributes with both equity and loans. The three companies will continue to research the possibility to build more of this kind of plants in Overijssel.

Energiefonds Overijssel

Energiefonds Overijssel finances projects in the field of energy savings or renewable energy production. Not in a traditional way as subsidy, but through participations, loans or guaranties. As such they stimulate the creation of new jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation. They contribute as well to the mission of the Province of Overijssel: 20% new energy in 2023.

Yilkins Drying Solutions

YDS is a strategic partner in drying and upgrading of biomasses and organic residues for energy production, bio-fertilizers or bio-based chemicals. YDS supports its customers during the development: from the beginning of the process (pre-treatment and logistic of biomass or organic waste stream), to efficient and innovative drying-upgrading treatment, until the positioning of the end product (dried pellets) in the market and the inherent development of value chain solutions.

The Drying Solutions of Yilkins operate based on an own-designed “fluidized bed” and combustion technology. The main characteristics are the compact lay-out, uniform and guaranteed fluidization, high efficiency and – in comparison with other drying technologies- low costs and investments. This way, Yilkins enables the local processing from (biomass) organic waste streams to an end product.

Bruins & Kwast (Pure Ecowood)

Bruins & Kwast produces every year approx. 35 to 40 kiloton woodchips which come from regional wood, prune residues of infra-projects or tree gardening. The main part of this product comes from the Province of Overijssel. Another part is produced in the Province of Gelderland. As described, the wood is collected by local or provincial governments, conservation organizations or foundations. The best tree branches go to sawmills for wood planks and beams production. The rest material is sized into woodchips which ultimately are sieved and dried. Thanks to this advanced industrial process, sustainable woodchips products, such as wood pellets, are produced.