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Next Generation of Biomass Conversion Solutions

Yilkins’ technology provides unique drying & torrefaction systems to produce products for a premium or industrial grade market.  The equipment is flexible to handle various feed-stocks from under-utilized agricultural and forestry products to low quality biomass. The method of processing allows contaminants such as sand, leaf, bark to be extracted from the process resulting in a clean end product.


From drying and torrefaction to pelletization

Yilkins’ solutions can be fully deployed as a new complete biomass fuel production plant, a complete drying production line, or installed as a partial solution (plug-in) or adaptation to an existing production process to increase the yield and lower existing operational costs.

Yilkins’ solutions always contribute to higher sustainability and better return on investment. We create solutions and apply those techniques and processes needed to achieve the best results for your plant both from a financial point of view as well as the product quality.

Yilkins Drying Technology

Drying technology

Yilkins drying plants were developed to improve the existing drying solutions for biomass feedstock and other products like feed. Based on our new fluidized bed technology we enhanced the biomass treatment to a much higher level both regarding the quality of end product as on operational costs, resulting in an operational cost reduction up to 50%.

Torrefied pellets (Biocoal): Next generation of biomass fuel

Torrefaction is a heating process to convert raw biomass materials into black pellets. Yilkins’ torrefaction is the next generation technology of producing biomass solid fuels in a sustainable and cost efficient way. Yilkins has paved the path to commercialize torrefaction technology with its proven and commercial business concept .

Yilkins modular system for Biomass Conversion

Overview of our modular production system. Our modular system makes it possible to upgrade your existing process and enhance your output.

Overview Process

Yilkins pellet specification in perspective

Torrefied pellet
Torrefied pellet
White Pellet
Product moisture % mass 2% 7% 8%
Calorific value GJ/ton db 22.6 22.6 18.5
  GH/ton ar 22.1 20.8 16.8
Binding Agent % mass 0% 3% 0%
Power Pelleting kWh/ton 75 120 65

Engineered to pelletize

Yilkins torrefaction technology:

  • Requires less power to be able to pelletize BIOCOAL pellets (60 – 75 kWh/ton)
  • No binding agent necessary to pelletize 
  • High durability and water resistance 
  • Produces a pellet with appr. 2% moisture (comparing to other systems: 7-8%).

Yilkins integrated plants

Torrefaction: Go Green, Go Yilkins

Interested in our modular Biomass Conversion Systems?

If you wonder if our plants can enhance your profitability and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, our team is happy to tell you more details.