Yilkins Biomass Drying Plants


Production Plants

Next Generation of Biomass Drying Plants

Yilkins drying plants upgrade biomass and organic residues to produce bio-fuels and others high-value end products. Based upon the self-developed fluidized bed technology, Yilkins has brought the drying and torrefaction processes to the next level creating secure, more sustainable, automatic 24/7 working installations.

Control of the Drying Process

To extract the most energy of your biomass feedstock and to produce a high quality biomass fuel, it is paramount to balance and control your drying process.

An optimal drying process of biomass ensures a high quality fuel product resulting in maximum energy output of your produced biomass fuels against lowest operational costs. For optimum combustion our drying plants reduce the contamination and water content in the biomass as much as possible. This also enhances shelf time of your product.

Reducing costs

The new Yilkins drying solutions based on our special developed fluidized bed technology ensure a very rapid heat transfer during drying of the raw biomass material resulting in a consistent high quality and a clean product.

Heat required for the drying process is generated with a special Yilkins combustor or if required using  available surplus process heat. The produced heat for the main dryer is reused in the pre drying process.

This leads to a cost reduction up to 50% of external energy consumption.

Yilkins Drying Technology

Biomass Drying Technology

​The heart of the Yilkins approach is based on the Yilkins dryer: an innovative biomass drying module based on the fluidized bed principles. This makes the biomass drying process more efficient and sustainable and creates a more attractive business case to our customers.

Yilkins Drying Installations with a compact footprint

Yilkins plants are modular, semi-transportable and have a compact footprint. That makes the design perfectly suitable for both large plants as well as for small scale projects. The heart of this approach is the Yilkins swirl reactor : an innovative technology developed, based on the fluidized bed technological principles. The drying processes are efficient and sustainable and offer an attractive business case to the customers.

The effect of steam drying biomass (a comparison)

  • Yilkins drying plant 25% 25%
  • Rotary drum drying plant 55% 55%
  • Belt drying plant 96% 96%

kJ/kg water evaporation (energy required to evaporate the humidity)

The Yilkins fluidization technology uses less energy during the water evaporation phase. The difference with other biomass drying systems is even more when in a high capacity is needed.

Yilkins pellet specification in perspective

Torrefied pellet
Torrefied pellet
White Pellet
Product moisture % mass 2% 7% 8%
Calorific value GJ/ton db 22.6 22.6 18.5
  GH/ton ar 22.1 20.8 16.8
Binding Agent % mass 0% 3% 0%
Power Pelleting kWh/ton 75 120 65


Before we provide you the best tailor made solution, we perform a full feasibility study on your residue biomass streams or other products. We provide every project with a customized calculation of the expected CAPEX and OPEX costs. Interested to know how we can help you realising your renewable energy ideas? Our team is ready to help you.