Yilkins Integrated Plants


Production Plants

Pelletizing plants

After drying and/or torrefaction of the biomass, you can add value by pelletizing. Another driver is creating a commodity feedstock reflecting to the ISO standards for industrial and residential markets.

The Yilkins technology has further advantage in the endorsement by the most prominent pellet machine manufacturers.


Torrefied Pellets

After biomass is dried or torrefied, you can grind and pelletize it. Torrefied pellets have additional advantages:

– Improved combustion properties due to high energy density combined with high caloric value.

– Economical Pelletizing: Grinding requires less energy and no binder is required.

– Water resistance is higher: Outdoor storage is possible, which makes storage less expensive.

– Increased shelf life by reduced biological activity like decomposition of biomass during storage.

– Decreased costs of transport and storage because of the high energy density.

Because of the advantages and the reduced costs of transportation, torrefied pellets are used in large scale coal power plants, to replace coal completely, or to be co-fired with coal. In other applications, where there is a need for high thermal energy (production processes, heating of large residential areas etc.), torrefied pellets will become a sustainable solution.

Yilkins Technology

Drying and Torrefaction technology

The heart of the Yilkins approach is based on the Yilkins reactor: an innovative module based on the fluidized bed principles. This makes the drying and torrefaction process more efficient and sustainable and create more attractive business cases to our customers.

Yilkins Installations with a compact footprint

Yilkins plants are modular, semi-transportable and have a compact footprint. That makes the design perfectly suitable for both large scale plants as well as for small scale projects. The heart of this approach is the Yilkins reactor: an innovative technology developed by Yilkins, based on the fluidized bed technological principles. The drying processes are efficient and sustainable and offer an attractive business case to the customers.