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Next Generation of Biomass Fuel Production

Torrefaction is a heating process of biomass in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, necessary to improve raw biomass materials. Torrefied biomass properties include a lower moisture percentage, a higher energy density and heating value. Torrefied material is easier to grind and to pelletize. These properties all translate into a sustainable and economic higher value.

Controlling the torrefaction process

One of the main challenges in torrefaction is the utmost control during the complete process. Yilkins biocoal production plants master this control of the torrefaction process on a large commercial scale. In a a non-oxidizing atmosphere, the torrefaction process is completely monitored and controlled. This ensures a secure production process of torrefied biomass fuels, even in large quantities.

During this torrefaction process, combustible emission gasses are released. The Yilkins torrefaction technology brings these combustible emission gasses back into the main process to provide the required process heat, making Yilkins torrefaction a very economic technology.

Yilkins Torrefaction Technology

Proven Technology

Yilkins  provides the first commercially  proven torrefaction technology on the market. Our demonstration plant in Ruurlo successfully produces torrefied pellets from different sources of biomass resulting in hundreds of tons of pellet samples, on customers demand.
With the start-up of the Futerra plant in Portugal the licensed technology has been fully proven for a large scale production and trading client.

Reducing Costs and Emissions

Torrefied pellets provide a large return on investment. Powerplants already running on regular wood pellets can save at least 15-20% in transportation and storage costs by switching to torrefied pellets and increase their boiler efficiency by 10%.
In existing power plants torrefied pellets can replace coal up to 100%, using the same milling equipment. This will positively affect the operational costs.

Yilkins pellet specification in perspective

Torrefied pellet
Torrefied pellet
White Pellet
Product moisture % mass 2% 7% 8%
Calorific value GJ/ton db 22.6 22.6 18.5
  GH/ton ar 22.1 20.8 16.8
Binding Agent % mass 0% 3% 0%
Power Pelleting kWh/ton 75 120 65

Engineered to pelletize

Yilkins torrefaction technology:

  • Requires less power to be able to pelletize BIOCOAL pellets (75 kWh/ton)
  • No binding agent needed to achieve high durability
  • Produces a pellet with appr. 2% moisture (comparing to other systems: 7-8%)

Yilkins Torrefaction Technology

Torrefaction: Go Green, Go Yilkins