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Late 2020, Hive Energy, Partners for Innovation and iLive acquired the Coega Biomass Center in Porth Elizabeth, South Africa. This project is nowadays equipped to produce conventional white pellets. With an available feedstock of (lower quality) residue waste streams this joint venture wants to upgrade this brownfield plant into a torrefaction facility. The main target is a significant improvement of the value and sustainability of the upcycling chain with the environmental and economic advantages that the black pellets production offers.

Coega Biomass site

Yilkins Solution

Yilkins offers a customized “plug in” solution, which allows an optimal upgrade from brownfield pellet plant to a high efficient torrefaction facility. Yilkins evaluates the current technical status of the white pellet plant, selects the useful equipment, designs, delivers and implements the necessary equipment for torrefaction. Furthermore Yilkins redesigns the whole set up in order to achieve the most efficient reconfiguration of the plant. A completely bespoken solution for the Coega Biomass Center taking into account all the main factors: type of feedstock, operational logistics, commercial targets, sustainability of processes. This way the biofuel production becomes more circular and more profitable.

Coaga Biomass Centre in South Africa

The Coega Biomass Center in Porth Elizabeth is a brownfield conventional pellet plant. The new joint venture between Hive Energy, Partners for Innovation and iLive is studying the possibility to upgrade the whole project to a torrefaction facility to improve the environmental and economic benefits of the upcycling chain.

Through the feasibility study ‘Torrefaction for black pellets production’ this project receives financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency through a DHI subsidy. Partners for Innovation and Yilkins are analyzing the optimal conditions in which the business case can be utterly designed and commissioned. Everything with the goal to achieve a positive impact on the local economy and to increase the circularity of the local industry through innovation.

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