Research & Development

Enhanced pellet quality & pellet cooling

Yilkins has created a torrefaction technology that enables production of high-quality, torrefied pellets without using a binder. Competitors have not been able to achieve this. When compared with white pellet production, the additional costs of torrefaction can be neutralized by cost savings in the pelleting operation. This phenomenon is very important to the competitive position of Yilkins. Furthermore an additional improvement in CAPEX/OPEX is realized by the optimization of our torrefaction and densification approach. Yilkins has started a collaboration with a globally leading pelletizing equipment producer to build a 500 kg/hr pelleting island. This unit will be designed by Yilkins and connected to its demonstration facility. After pelletizing, the pellets need to be cooled down to prevent them from catching fire when exposed to oxygen from the air. Yilkins has designed a swirl pellet cooler that is not only cooling efficiently, but ‘polishes’ the produced pellets to obtain a superior pellet quality having a high durability and a very low small-particle count (dust level).