Clients case

Futerra Fuels wants to use local forest harvesting residues to produce high-quality carbon-neutral fuels on industrial scale. These low-value woody residual flows are upgraded to high-quality white and torrefied pellets in an sustainable way.

These forestry residues have been one the principal causes of devastating fires in Portugal in the last years. To use these forestry residues as feedstock in this project means a huge economic and environmental improvement for the region. The high-quality pellets are used to replace fossil fuels in the local and international industrial market.

Yilkins Solution

Yilkins provided torrefaction technology based on the ‘fluidized bed’ principles. This process is carried out in a low oxygen environment and includes a very efficient cleaning step which improves even more the quality of the final product. Now, Futerra can produce torrefied pellets in a sustainable way and manufacture a wide range of energy pellets in various shapes and sizes. In the whole production process, no fossil fuels are needed to heat the system due to the Yilkins biomass burners.

Futura plant in Portugal

“Futerra Fuels takes pride in leading the way to a biobased economy by producing carbon-neutral fuels that are economically viable and produced in an environmentally responsible way.”

Futerra Fuels has reached the final commissioning phase of one of the world’s largest torrefaction production facilities. The plant in Valongo (Portugal) will produce 120.000 tons of torrefied pellets and 85.000 tons of regular pellets per year.

“Yilkins. Next generation renewable energy

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