Research & Development

Integrated NOX Capture

NOx removal from flue gas from combustors is a well-known process requirement and is in place in many power stations. It is however expensive, because it involves flue gas reheating, water injection, natural gas consumption and expensive heat exchangers.

In itself DENOX-ing is a relatively simple catalytic reaction, which can be integrated in the flue gas ducting. A DENOX catalytic bed is operated in a temperature range between 300 to 450 degrees C. This operating window matches very well with the exhaust temperatures of the combustion units of the dryer or torrefaction plant, thus avoiding most of the CAPEX required for power plants and making DENOX-ing relatively straightforward and cost-effective for a Yilkins plant.

Due to the recently severe introduced NOx restrictions related to the PAS[1] regulation in the Netherlands, a smart integration of DENOX equipment has become essential for any project in the Netherlands where NOx emissions have become a highly contentious issue. Also, in projects where a nitrogen-rich feedstock is used (e.g. brewery spent grains) the advantages of a Yilkins DENOX-ing capability is a decisive USP for our clients.