Research & Development

Optimization program & strategic knowledge generation

The R&D program also includes an ongoing optimization and a development and re-engineering of all existing components (e.g. swirl bed, combustors).

  • Scale-up The currently largest unit scale is 2-2.5 ton per hour of torrefied pellet output and/or a 3.5-4.0 ton per hour dryer output. Scale-up to a 5 to 10 ton per hour output per unit is underway.  Currently a 40 KT/yr is the largest scale unit available.
  • Scale-down

The current smallest economic line is about 1,3 ton per hour. Smaller scale is however attractive for many smaller biomass availability in local municipalities, small collection hubs, and remote rural areas. It is difficult to have an economic operation at a low capacity, unless CAPEX can be reduced through mass production, standardization and a high degree of automation.

Modular, semi-transportable skid-based units From the beginning, Yilkins has designed its units to be transportable to allow in-shop assembly and to avoid the higher costs of local assembling. This also helps reducing the transport costs of equipment especially for export business. Cooperation with experienced manufacturers is in progress.

Software and controls

The first plants generated a lot of valuable insights in the dynamic behavior of the process, the sensitivity of critical control variables and maintenance aspects. On a constant basis, all experience gained is translated into intelligent automation, so that a high degree of semi-autonomous, remote operation has been established.