Clients case

P4S (Power 4 Sustainability) wants to make energy pellets from locally supplied pruning and waste wood.
These are low-quality woody residual flows that are upgraded to high-quality black energy pellets. These energy pellets are used to replace fossil fuels such as natural gas, without cutting down trees. Removal of pruning’s or residual flows, are essential for good and sustainable forest management.

Torrefied wood shreds

Yilkins Solution

Yilkins offers an integrated solution where local pruning wood (shreds) can be converted into sustainable biofuel. First, the shreds are cleaned of sand, stones and other unwanted material. The shreds are then very efficiently dried with Yilkins fluidized bed dryer in preparation for the torrefaction step. Torrefying produces a high-quality sustainable biofuel “the torrefied pellet” that meets the specifications. The residual heat released is supplied to the local industry.


P4S turns local wood waste into high-quality energy pellets that can serve as a substitute for natural gas: The local sustainable replacement for fossil natural gas, fully sustainable and circular. The energy pellets are sold as much as possible to local customers, such as greenhouse horticulture and swimming pool.


“Yilkins. Next generation renewable energy

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