Clients case

Streekpellets make their pellets from (residual) flows from regional wood released from nature and landscape maintenance, harvesting work for infrastructure projects and tree care.

Yilkins Solution

Yilkins has implemented in this project a brand new drying technology which increases the profitabality and the sustainability of the high quality wood pellets production.

Yilkins own design Swirl Bed Drying reactor and integrated Drying module improve the efficienty of the production process due to larger production costs savings and due to the significant lower energy consumption and lower CO2 footprint.


Biomass processing

Streekpellets BV is a partnership of Yilkins Drying Solutions, BKgroen and the Energiefonds Overijssel.

Streekpellets produces “local to local” wood pellets using new drying techniques. The company converts regionally available wood into pellets which are sold locally. This results in low transporting costs. 

“Yilkins. Next generation renewable energy

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