Biomass trade company in Friesland

The demand for sustainable heat production increases constantly. This client wants to become a provider for such demand. Within the vision of economical circularity, they intend to create a ‘closing the loop’ project in their region, namely, the conversion of a local waste streams (prune residues from landscape maintenance) into renewable energy.

Client demand

The client has prune residues at his disposal and with the support of the provincial government and municipalities from Friesland, they intend to collect this biomass to upgrade it into bio-based pellets and to provide it back locally as sustainable heat.


The client seeks a suitable technology that makes it possible to upgrade the biomass in this small and local scale into a high-value product as heat. The Yilkins Multiflex concept is the solution to do it.

Advantages of the solution

The Yilkins plant makes possible to create a sustainable and local business case with a profitability of at least 15%. The plant will produce torrefied pellets that provide energy in a sustainable and efficient way with low emission values and low dust emissions.

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