Discover the value of agricultural residues.

At Yilkins we transform agricultural residues into high-quality biofuels and bioproducts. With our innovative technology and specialist approach, we are reshaping the future of sustainable resources.

What are agricultural residues?

Herbaceous, non-woody, fibrous plant materials left over from agricultural activities: stems, leaves and other plant parts of crops such as corn, wheat and sugar cane.

Traditionally viewed as waste, these residues are now recognized for their potential in creating sustainable energy solutions.

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What makes our process so unique?

The first commercially proven technology to produce torrefied biomass fuels on a large scale.

Unique control of the torrefaction process, including the safe reuse of volatile gases for process heat.

Possibility of 100% replacement of coal in existing power plant, leading to lower operating costs and emissions.

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We get the most out of agricultural residues.

From processing
to impact.

Through processes such as torrefaction and gasification, we convert agricultural residues into valuable products such as synthetic jet fuel, biomethanol and biochar. This not only helps reduce the carbon footprint, but also improves soil health and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

One of the applications of agricultural residues is the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). In this way, we support the aviation industry in achieving its CO2 reduction targets, in line with the ReFuel EU initiative and global mandates.

Benefits for
local communities.

By purchasing residual flows locally, we strengthen communities, strengthen local economies and reduce waste. Our projects provide sustainable employment and contribute to the economic resilience of the regions in which we operate.

News and articles.

An insurance solution by New Energy Risk provides a warranty backstop for Yilkins’ novel biomass drying and torrefaction technology.
Yilkins is proud and happy to announce the finalization of a contractual engagement with Reliance, an esteemed member of the Global Fortune 500 enterprises, commissioning Yilkins to furnish a torrefaction plant.
Tokuyama Corporation, the Japanese chemical manufacturing company conducting in five segments; chemicals, cement, electronic, life sciencesand environmental products has awarded Yilkins with a contract to supply and install a Yilkins torrefaction plant on the Tokuyama factory

Get the most out of your residues.

Our torrefaction technology supports you in converting agricultural residues into high-quality products or biofuels.