The potential of a wide variety of organic residues.

Yilkins is leading the way in converting a wide range of biomass residues into valuable, sustainable products. Our comprehensive approach includes all types of biomass, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation.

What other residues can we process?

Our projects involve various non-traditional biomass sources, such as invasive plant species, energy crops grown on marginal lands and residues from various production processes.

Examples of other residues that we can convert include food sludge from the food processing industry, horse manure and Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB).

These diverse residues are efficiently converted into uniform biofuels and high-quality chemicals.

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What makes our process so unique?

The first commercially proven technology to produce torrefied biomass fuels on a large scale.

Unique control of the torrefaction process, including the safe reuse of volatile gases for process heat.

Possibility of 100% replacement of coal in existing power stations, leading to lower operating costs and emissions.

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Innovative solutions for complex challenges.

We specialize in processing difficult residual flows that others might throw away. Our patented technology ensures that these materials are safely and efficiently converted into useful products, reducing waste and increasing sustainability.

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Get the most out of your residues.

Our torrefaction technology supports you in converting organic residues into high-quality products or biofuels.