From woody residues to renewable energy.

Yilkins is leading the innovative use of woody biomass residues, transforming what was once considered waste into high-quality biofuels and chemicals.

What are woody residues?

Woody residues consist of materials such as branches, bark and sawdust that are byproducts of forestry activities, wood processing, and residues of forest fires.

These materials are abundant and renewable, making them ideal candidates for sustainable energy production.

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What makes our process so unique?

The first commercially proven technology to produce torrefied biomass fuels on a large scale.

Unique control of the torrefaction process, including the safe reuse of volatile gases for process heat.

Possibility of 100% replacement of coal in existing power stations, leading to lower operating costs and emissions.

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We get the most out of woody residues.

About our
wood processing.

We use advanced technology to process these residues through torrefaction and gasification. This converts the complex organic materials into a high-energy, uniform biofuel that can be used in various industrial applications, including the production of green chemicals and biofuels.

Contributions to
the chemical industry.

The conversion of woody residual flows plays an important role in the chemical industry. By replacing natural gas and other fossil-based materials with syngas derived from woody residues, we help decarbonize chemical production processes.

News and articles.

An insurance solution by New Energy Risk provides a warranty backstop for Yilkins’ novel biomass drying and torrefaction technology.
Recently Heineken announced the launch of a pilot project to maximize circularity and contribute to decarbonizing its breweries, a world-first pilot in France. In partnership with Duynie, Idex, and Yilkins the Heineken group introduced its Circle
Tokuyama Corporation, the Japanese chemical manufacturing company conducting in five segments; chemicals, cement, electronic, life sciencesand environmental products has awarded Yilkins with a contract to supply and install a Yilkins torrefaction plant on the Tokuyama factory

Get the most out of your residues.

Our torrefaction technology supports you in converting woody residues into high-quality products or biofuels.