Sustainable ambitions

Sustainability on global scale depends on sustainability on local scale. If every community implements strategies to convert local renewable resources into sustainable solutions, for its own technical and economic needs, it will not only improve immediately its industrial and commercial development, but it will also contribute to the restitution of the environmental balance worldwide.

Green raw materials through circularity

The Yilkins technology and Yilkins business philosophy are fully inspired by the “local for local” approach and are designed to help entrepreneurs, public institutions and local authorities to create a positive impact on their own communities. Our devices and integrated plants create circularity in which biomass and organic materials can be upgraded into sustainable products like biofuels, energy, heat, cooling or bio-based chemical feedstocks.

Small scale turns massive

Yilkins has developed devices and integrated plants that are very suitable for small-scale projects. This concept was born because we want to bring the technology to the source instead of having the source arranging intensive transportation to the location of the technology. All our equipment is designed in such way that it operates with low energy consumption, low operational costs, prevention of waste streams and a minimum requirement on external utilities. Yilkins plants are built semi-transportable which also opens new ways of financing projects. It is Yilkin’s belief, in line with this concept, that “small-scale turns massive”. For Yilkins, sustainability is a commitment that involves all aspects of our life as a company and inspires the multilevel display of our innovative approaches: technical, economic, social and environmental.

Key features Yilkins Drying Solutions

  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower logistics and storage costs
  • Consistent product
  • Zero waste solution
  • Lower emission values
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Overall concept
  • Modular (extendable) system with limited footprint and scalable capacity between 0,1 MT – 2,0 MT per hour.
  • Compact structure resulting in up to 30% lower investment compared to existing drying systems.

Final financial result is a payback time of 2 to 5 years.

  • Highly efficient drying technology.
  • 24/7 operational capability with remote control option.
  • Low maintenance expenditures, due to hardly any fouling, an advanced combustion system, the use of residues as fuel and condensation of combustion gas developed during the process.

The result is a reduction of operational costs up to 50% compared to conventional systems.

  • The high energy density results in a reduction of 30% on logistics costs. Less transport needed due to higher energy density of the product.
  • The reduction in moisture content prevents decomposition of product as a result of spontaneous heat generation during storage. Result is that the usual 5% product loss is avoided.
  • When using the customised Yilkins chips and/or pellets as fuel for combustion, a smaller supply system can be used (reduction of investment costs).

Result is 30% reduction in logistic costs. 5% more energy resulting from biomass and a reduced investment for the combustion supply system.

  • The dryer ensures constant residence time.
  • The dried product has a consistent quality, stable moisture content and a low ash content.

Result is a lower investment (smaller boiler) and higher operational reliability, minimal pollution and a consistent heat supply with a boiler efficiency increased by 10%.

The residues released during the process (dust and undersize fraction of biomass) can be used as fuel for heat generation.

Lower emissions during processing due to deployment of a high-quality product. During the production, combustion gas is created, which results in lower emissions and lower energy consumption.

Due to the drying of the biomass there is no decomposition of product and spontaneous heat generation. This results in longer shelf life of the product and less dependence on the season.

  • Pre-treatment of your residues and upgrading your biomass.
  • Connection to existing best available boiler or combustion technology.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Operation and maintenance.

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