Torrefaction will change your business process forever.

Torrefaction is the sustainable and efficient solution for the next generation of biomass fuels. The advanced heating process converts raw biomass materials into energy-rich biocoal pellets. This process takes place in a non-oxidizing atmosphere to optimize the properties of biomass.

Why choose torrefied pellets?

Torrefied pellets have a lower moisture percentage and a higher energy and bulk density than traditional biomass.

Biocoal is easier to grind and pelletize, creating an economical and durable product.

Save on transport and storage costs (at least 15-20%), and increase boiler efficiency by up to 10%.

Half Yilkins logo in green
Half Yilkins logo in green

What makes our process so unique?

The first commercially proven technology to produce torrefied biomass fuels on a large scale.

Unique control of the torrefaction process, including the safe reuse of volatile gases for process heat.

Possibility of 100% replacement of coal in existing power stations, leading to lower operating costs and emissions.

Where our technologies are already running successfully.

Yilkins and Tokuyama: torrefaction plant in Yamaguchi, Japan.

In the collaboration between Yilkins and Tokuyama Corporation, an agreement has been signed for the installation of a torrefaction plant in Yamaguchi, Japan. This plant will convert agricultural residues into…

Yilkins and Reliance: cooperation for sustainable energy in Jamnagar, India.

Reliance is a renowned member of the Global Fortune 500 companies. The partnership with Yilkins includes the construction of an advanced torrefaction plant in Jamnagar, India….

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