Yilkins technology creates circularity and sustainability

The Yilkins plants upgrade biomass and organic residues to produce bio-fuels and others high-value end products. Based upon the self-developed fluidized bed technology, Yilkins has brought the drying and torrefaction processes to the next level creating secure, more sustainable, automatic 24/7 working installations.

The Yilkins technological platform is multifunctional and offers solutions in the field of drying, torrefaction, gasification and separation of waste streams. We enable integral and flexible concepts to bring the best customized solution to every customer.

Key features Yilkins Drying Solutions

  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower logistics and storage costs
  • Consistent product
  • Zero waste solution
  • Lower emission values
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Overall concept
  • Modular (extendable) system with limited footprint and scalable capacity between 0,1 MT – 2,0 MT per hour.
  • Compact structure resulting in up to 30% lower investment compared to existing drying systems.

Final financial result is a payback time of 2 to 5 years.

  • Highly efficient drying technology.
  • 24/7 operational capability with remote control option.
  • Low maintenance expenditures, due to hardly any fouling, an advanced combustion system, the use of residues as fuel and condensation of combustion gas developed during the process.

The result is a reduction of operational costs up to 50% compared to conventional systems.

  • The high energy density results in a reduction of 30% on logistics costs. Less transport needed due to higher energy density of the product.
  • The reduction in moisture content prevents decomposition of product as a result of spontaneous heat generation during storage. Result is that the usual 5% product loss is avoided.
  • When using the customised Yilkins chips and/or pellets as fuel for combustion, a smaller supply system can be used (reduction of investment costs).

Result is 30% reduction in logistic costs. 5% more energy resulting from biomass and a reduced investment for the combustion supply system.

  • The dryer ensures constant residence time.
  • The dried product has a consistent quality, stable moisture content and a low ash content.

Result is a lower investment (smaller boiler) and higher operational reliability, minimal pollution and a consistent heat supply with a boiler efficiency increased by 10%.

The residues released during the process (dust and undersize fraction of biomass) can be used as fuel for heat generation.

Lower emissions during processing due to deployment of a high-quality product. During the production, combustion gas is created, which results in lower emissions and lower energy consumption.


Due to the drying of the biomass there is no decomposition of product and spontaneous heat generation. This results in longer shelf life of the product and less dependence on the season.

  • Pre-treatment of your residues and upgrading your biomass.
  • Connection to existing best available boiler or combustion technology.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Operation and maintenance.

Multiflex installations with a compact footprint

Yilkins plants are modular, semi-transportable and have a compact footprint. That makes the design perfectly suitable for small scale projects. The heart of this approach is the YDS Dryer: innovative technology developed by Yilkins, based on the fluidized bed technological principles. The drying processes are efficient and sustainable and offer an attractive business case to the customers.

Fluidized bed technology means a clean end product

The fluidized bed technology produces a fast heat transfer from gas to the solid input material. This results in a constant drying process, homogeneous quality and a clean end product.

Yilkins technology

With Yilkins Drying Solutions we offer you an overall concept:

  • Pre-treatment and upgrading your biomass.
  • Connection to existing best available boiler or combustion technology.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Maintenance.


Yilkins has substancially improved the torrefaction process. Yilkins pellets are the proof

  • Low chlorine content
  • High water resistance
  • High calorific value; product from 20 to 23 GJ/t
  • Considerable less pollution of the combustion plant
  • Combustion performance of boilers improves up to 10%
  • High abrasion resistance and low dust forming
  • Low volatile components concentration
  • High energy density
  • No additives needed to pelletize

Several researches point out that the torrefaction process sets chlorine free, which results in a significant reduction of this element in the end product from 50% to 90% in some specific cases. Therefore, the Yilkins pellets are the solution when a low chlorine level is required.

Because the Yilkins pellets are highly impermeable, they can be stored outdoor with minimal degradation risks. That means also a huge advantage for transportation purposes.

Due to the high calorific value the capacity of the biomass boiler can be increased – or the investment reduced with the same capacity – and more energy will be produced in the same combustion conditions.

The use of Yilkins pellets as biofuel produces less pollution in the boilers. That means a reduction in the operational costs due to less maintenance operations and less stops of the boilers.

Less pollution and the higher calorific value of the Yilkins pellets increase the combustion performance of the boilers up to 10%.

The high abrasion resistance of Yilkins pellets decreases significantly the dust forming in the process. The result of this is less production waste and considerable lower danger of dust explosions.

Due to the torrefaction process, volatile components in the feedstock, like chlorine, become unlocked in higher percentage. That reduces considerably the level of emissions of the end product.

The high energy density of Yilkins pellets makes them more water-resistant and less dusty than other pellets. This reduces the costs of transport and storage of the product.

The natural polymers of the biomass are better preserved with the Yilkins torrefaction technology. The use of any kind of binding agent for optimal pelletizing can be avoided, which reduces the production costs.

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