Winner of Power-Gen Dragons Den Competition

During the Power-Gen Renewable Energy World Europe Conference 27-29 June, 2017 in Cologne, Germany, Yilkins received the Energy Innovations Award by Leon Pulles, Advisory Board Member of the Power-Gen Europe.

POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe hosted this comprehensive world-class conference programme designed and devised by the industry for the industry. This premium conference is a great opportunity to network with leading organizations and high level influencers at the most prestigious event in the power generation industry.


At the Energy Innovations Dragon’s Den that was organized on 29th June 2017 at POWER-GEN, leading start-up companies were invited to pitch their ideas to an international audience of energy professionals. Following each pitch, an experienced committee of international power practitioners cross-examined each speaker.

Leon Pulles commented: ‘The proposition of Yilkins really has the potential to provide a huge contribution to the climate challenges that we face. Their highly efficient and competitive drying technology opens up the opportunity to make biomass residue streams available for energy and product applications that were locked until now. Besides, Yilkins has been able to deliver concrete results by their fast development track, from idea to commercial demonstration, in only 2 years’ time. This way, Yilkins is delivering real contribution to CO2 reduction on the short term.’

Watch the interview with Rob Voncken, CEO Yilkins

Yilkins Drying Solutions Yilkins Plant

  • New Proprietary Design and Manufacturing process
  • Fully customized design solutions: technical, operational and financial
  • Flexible team with a wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Enabler in a creative, open and transparent approach
  • Client oriented
  • Open innovation

We design and build our own biomass and organic residues upgrading solutions. To enable these innovative, technical processes, we develop highly innovative technology. By continuous research and development, we keep increasing our knowledge, experience and insights about sustainable products and applications.

Our technology is designed to improve the sustainability of our customers and to reduce the environmental impact of the activities. We customize every sustainable solution, offer the lowest investment and operational costs and we set it up local — there where the biomass-residues are.

We are a flexible team with broad experience and knowledge in the drying and upgrading of biomass-residues into sustainable biofuels and high-value products. Because we look critically to ideas and approaches, our concepts and solutions are more efficient and sustainable. Our flexible and highly experienced team is able to perform a full feasibility study on your residue streams, in order to provide you with the best tailor made solution.

We believe in the Yilkins approach and in an open and transparent communication with our customers to create together the best customized solutions to optimize their industrial activities and business potential. We enable them from the beginning of the processes, until the final uses of the end product, thus through the development of their value chain.

How does the final result of our solutions look like? That is up to our customers. At Yilkins, we evaluate the problems, the challenges, the targets and the needs of every new business case. The result is an environmentally friendly and tailor-made technical and commercial solution to create sustainable projects.

We customized the basic principles of Fluidized Bed technology in an innovative way to offer integral concepts and solutions. We can design, build, set up and maintain your production process on different scales, for different end products and applications.

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